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Art Photographer

Photography, painting, sculpture; Art is all around us. As an artist, I depend on inspiration. People, environments, nature and fashion give inspiration to me. But what about the path of the artist.


It is up and down. We have a great idea for a photo shoot, but then it doesn’t work in practice. The path of an artist is ever changing. The results are unpredictable; however, it brings the visual beauty that is all around us.


How art affects me is important. It gives me joy and is how I express myself.



Well+Being, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Washington, July 11-Aug 30, 2020. Jurors- Michael Mills, Ellie Polk, Cathie Wier

Student Art Show, Woodbury Art Museum, Utah, March 24-May 2, 2020

Conduit, Frisco Art Gallery, Texas, July 30- Sep 7, 2019

Art of Our Century, Woodbury Art Museum, Utah, Spring 2019

Hidden Voices, Woodbury Art Museum, Utah, Jan15-Feb 23, 2019


2020 All Planet Exhibit, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Apr 22-May 20, 2020

​10th Annual "Figurative" Online art Competition, Online, April 1-30, 2020

5th Annual Colorful Abstractions, Online, Dec 1-31, 2019

Focus II, Online, Oct 1-31, 2019

Tamron Student Showcase Springtime Sensations, Online, Spring 2019

Tamron Student Showcase Winter Wonderland, Online, Winter 2019


Honorable Mention, Focus II

Honorable Mention, 10th Annual "Figurative" Online Art Competition

Special Merit, 10th Annual "Figurative" Online Art Competition

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