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Metamorphosis was created with a conscious voice. It's an examination of cycles, change, movement forward and back,
in nature around us and nature inside of us. Each piece in the series was designed with a deliberate silence.
   Things that are felt with our skin was a starting place. I felt compelled to pause and listen. We don't get many
chances for this in our speedy lives. The pieces then evolved and changed with self-awareness.
   Photography for me is a place to connect out loud. It's a place where I can be honest and open. I fell in love
with double exposures and the process while attending a darkroom techniques class, an exploration of analogue cameras,
film and processing. I spent time experimenting with layering negatives and printing the results. Metamorphosis is a continuation of the love for merging multiple images for additional meaning. Each piece was created with film, scanned and then digitally paired. For the final image. It brought me back to the beginning of my experiences and at the same time moved me forward.
   I have been changed.

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